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Ski lift safety principles

On a chairlift: On a draglift:
1. You must place your backpack in front of you. 1.Remove the pole straps from your wrists
2. If you cannot get on a seat properly, let it go and wait for the next one. 2. Do not slalom and hold the pole until you have arrived.
3. Lower the safety bar as soon as you sit down. 3. If you fall, let go of the pole and clear the run as quickly as possible.
4. Never jump from a seat, even at a standstill. 4. Upon arrival, release the pole where indicated.
5. If you are unable to get off, stay seated, and your legs will push the automatic safety-stop bar. 5. Move along promptly upon arrival.

Our ski area accepts users snowscoots SkiBob and approved by the STRMTG. Check the list of devices from accepting lifts. [Download not found]

Ten rules for good conduct on the slopes :
  1. I do not put others in danger, either by my behavior nor my equipment.
  2. I control my speed and my behavior, taking in account the area, weather, snow conditions, and circumstances.
  3. Skier from behind I choose my route to protect the safety of everyone ahead.
  4. I overtake while leaving large space, sufficient to allow the overtaken skier room for movement.
  5. Prior to departure or while crossing a run, I make sure I can proceed without endangering others or myself.
  6. I avoid stopping in narrow passages or where visibility is restricted. If I fall I clear the run as quickly as possible.
  7. Climbing and descending on foot: I make use of the edge of the slope without endangering others.
  8. I respect all signs, markings and take into account the slope, weather and snow conditions.
  9. If I am in, or witness an accident:  I offer my assistance, alert authorities, and make myself available to rescue patrol if needed.
  10. If I am in, or witness an accident I provide my name and contact information to emergency services and/or third parties.


Skiing off-piste, outside of marked runs is strongly discouraged.  With impassable and very dangerous areas, it is at the risk and liability of the skier.

Watch the video of the French Ski School on the 10 rules of good conduct : [Download not found]


Skiers, be insured! [Download not found]

Nature and environment

This is your resort ! By helping to preserve its environment, you benefit fully ! Dispose of all your waste in garbage bins. Respect plants and animals and do not leave the marked trails. More information on our commitments


Rate of CO2 released per day skier= 189,84gr