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Snowpark, boardercross

Pixie's Camp (Snowpark and Boardercross), "it’s serious business!”


Pixie’s Camp :
Snowpark et Boarder Cross

The SPOT in altitude (Rocherousse plateau) with 16.000 m2 of pure madness in natural snow all winter long.
Beginner, intermediate or advanced, anyone can “knock themselves out” under ideal conditions.


Snowpark : (access included in the ski pass)
  • 1 WHOOPS series
  • 2 Tabletop for beginners
  • 1 Straight box 3 m (beginner)
  • 1 Concave convex box 6 m (beginner)
  • 2 Beginner Tabletop with springboard
  • 1 Rainbow rail 6 m (intermediate)
  • 1 Flat rail 6 m (intermediate)
  • 1 Big airbag (parental consent under age 12)*
  • And to go back and forth a ski-tow and draglift !

* Paying activity

The Boardercross can be found near the Snowpark
Red for self-assurance and Green for reassurance.
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